Add ‘You May Like’ to Klaviyo abandon cart

1. Introduction

Before you get started, you should have turned on the Klaviyo-Frankie integration in Frankie.

Abandon cart emails are a powerful way to reach out to your shoppers. Frankie allows you to add additional personalization to these emails. Use personalized content to your customer is widely recognized as one of the smartest ways to get more impact from your emails.

2. Copy ‘You May Like’ from Frankie

In Frankie, under Integrations, scroll down to You May Like and click on the Copy Kalviyo template.

3. Add ‘You May Like’ to Abandon Cart in Klaviyo

In Klaviyo, navigate to Flows, Abandonment Cart and Click Edit Flow.

Scroll down to the email you wish to add personalization to:

  • Abandoned Cart Email 1
  • Abandoned Cart Email 2

In this example, we will edit Abandoned Cart Email 2. Whichever email you select, just make sure it is triggers after at least a 1-hour wait.

When the Abandoned Cart Email template opens, click the Edit Content button on the right-hand side and select Change Template.

Navigate to where you would like the You May Like personalized content to appear, then Add a text block at the desired location in the template.

On the text block, click on Source

Paste the ‘Klaviyo template’ (using CTRL + V) that you copied from Frankie in Step 2. and Save.

Preview the email to ensure you have achieved the desired result.

Testing emails in Klaviyo flow is a bit different, see the Klaviyo help document for full details. It would be helpful for you to test this scenario by abandoning a cart in your store with the test email you have provided in the Frankie setup. To ensure the test email is setup correct, Save the email again in the Frankie set up after abandoning the cart.

To re-use You May Like in other email templates, click the star to save the personalized content as a Saved Block in Klaviyo

4. Other Frankie-Klaviyo articles

For further information on email design within Klaviyo interface or advanced styling, please get in touch with us [email protected]

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