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We've tried a number of recommendation apps. Frankie has far surpassed the performance of all others, and our expectations.

I highly recommend utilising them as part of your website sales platform.

Ricky Faeson

CFO, Golfwarehouse


Happy Shoppers


Personalized Recommendations

Personalize every stage of the shopping journey

The secret’s out.

Online stores are duds at turning visitors into sales. Over 98% shoppers leave without buying anything.

By personalizing your store to each shopper, conversion rates lift, sales grow and profits rise.

 Taste & Intent

Unlocking Personalization

The key to personalizing the shopping experience is in understanding two things about every shopper. Their taste and their intent. Frankie uses this insight with millions of other data points to create highly relevant recommendations that convert into sales.

"91% retail customers prefer brands that provide personalization"
Mary Meeker
2019 Internet Trends report

We searched and searched for a company that could provide our customers, with product recommendations we'd be proud of.

Frankie is that company.

Barbara Karpf

- President, Decorators Best

Industry leader

Great recommendations are crucial to conversion, especially with 175,000+ SKUs

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We’ll increase your sales, and prove it with a free independent 15-day AB test.

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Proven in a/b tests

Real sales lift

Numerous independent A/B tests validate the increase in revenue that comes directly from Frankie.

A/B tests are well recognised as the gold standard in determining what does and does not work in Ecommerce.

Frankie’s personalization works. People buy more, when Frankie shows them the items that appeal to their tastes and match what they’re looking for.


Seamless integration with the most important apps.

Sell everywhere

Leverage your social proof

Boost email performance

Currency Conversion


Email Marketing

Perfect Shop Assistant

  • Understands every shopper's taste
  • Encyclopedic stock knowledge
  • Remembers every customer, every view, every purchase
  • Always available, always engaging
  • Every suggestion personalized

Flawless, easy integration

Our smart tech and engineers personal touch, ensure

you can't tell the difference between Frankie and your store

AI product recommendations that seamlessly integrate into your store

What Customers say​

Customers love the results from Frankie.

It’s reflected in our near perfect 5 star rating.

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