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Under “Settings”, click on any of the pages (e.g. Home) and enable the widget.

The widget is automatically placed in a safe location.
To manually locate the widget, select Layout settings, and click Modify under Location Settings.

If you need help, our team can assist with this.

Adjust location of Frankie AI product recommendations on your store

Frankie supports several different types of recommendations for each page on your store. Using our experience of what works best, we provide a suggested location for every widget. Suggested widget locations can be viewed in the Settings page.

You can display any text you wish above each recommendation. 

 To change the Title of your recommendation, navigate to (1) Settings, (2) the store Page [e.g., Home], (3) Click the settings cog for the recommendation widget, and (4) adjust the “Title” and click ‘Save’

In order for Frankie to show the relevant recommendations to your shoppers in the quickest time, we cache the display settings in the browser. When changing your settings, it would be best to open the storefront using the “View store” or “Preview” button from the app.

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Knowledge articles: www.hiplee.ai/faq-know

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