Add ‘Collection Picks’ to Klaviyo

1. Where to use ‘Collection Picks’

Collection Picks is an important part of your personalization tool kit, it can be included in a variety of Klaviyo emails, Here are three ideas to get you started:

  • Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Customer thank you

Before you get started, ensure you’ve turned on the Frankie-Klaviyo Integration in Frankie.

2. ‘Collection Picks’ via Web Feed (only for campaigns)

The Klaviyo web feed feature allows you to display dynamic content from a webpage directly in your emails. A common use of this feature is sending newsletters that link to areas of your site that are frequently updated, web feeds eliminate the need to manually update your email content.

The Frankie ‘Collection Picks’ algorithm works very well with the Klaviyo web feed. It provides a list of products from any of your Shopify collections that are currently ‘popular’ in your store. These can be added to newsletters and sent out on a regular basis using Klaviyo campaigns. You only need to configure the email template once, and the ‘collection picks’ content is automatically refreshed before the send of each new campaign.

In Frankie, open the Integrations tab then scroll down to Collection Picks and click on the ‘Select Collection’ button to choose a collection for the feed. Select a collection that has more than 25 items, for example, Sale.

2.1 New Data Feed in Klaviyo

Now head over to Klaviyo to create a new data feed.

  • navigate to Data Feeds and click on the Add Web Feed button, on
  • on the new data feed screen
  • copy the FEED NAME from Frankie (CTRL + C) and paste into Klaviyo Feed Name (CTRL + V)
  • Copy feed url from Frankie and paste (CTRL + V) into Klaviyo Feed URL
  • add the new feed by clicking on the Add Data Feed button.

Once the Frankie Collection Data Feed is created, it will display in your Klaviyo Data Feeds.

You can repeat this process to create feeds for different collections.

2.2 Adding Collection Picks to Klaviyo Email Template

In Frankie, copy the Klaviyo template in the Collection Picks section.

In Klaviyo, open a pre-existing or new template, navigate to where you would like the Collection Picks content to appear, then Add a text block at the desired location in the template.

On the text block, click on Source

Paste the Klaviyo template copied from Frankie and Save

Preview the email to view the product block

3. Other Klaviyo articles

For further information on email design within Klaviyo interface or advanced styling, please get in touch with us [email protected]

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