Shoppers attention spans are short

use Frankie

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before they leave

How does Frankie work?

Frankie uses VisualAI™ Artificial Intelligence that’s optimized for visual merchandising to produce the best personalized recommendations available. But how does it work?

It's as simple as 1,2,3

1. Frankie sees like you

On installation, Frankie automatically looks through all of your products to familiarise herself with your stock, learning the key attributes of every item – think prices, sales history, description, selling features, browsing history etc. of every item. Within minutes, she’s your best ever, in-house expert shop assistant.

AI Auto-tagging of fashion inventory by Frankie of Hiplee (artificial intelligence fashion specialists)

2. Frankie observes

To understand your customers, Frankie closely observes all shoppers behaviour. Her observations across all shoppers give her understanding and insight to the patterns of behaviour of your shoppers , e.g., people who like colour A, are more likely to like colour B etc.

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3. Frankie personalizes

Frankie observes each individual shoppers browsing activity.  She uses her personalized view of each customer combined with her understanding of peoples patterns of behaviour, with her encyclopaedic knowledge of your stock to make personalized recommendations that sell.

If a shopper leaves your store, Frankie never forgets what they were interested in, what they previously purchased.

When they return, Frankie can give them even better personalized service.


Can you beat Frankie?

Try and ‘out recommend’ Frankie from this real example.


The customer was interested in this item. What do you recommend?
No sale, maybe you need Frankie
No sale, maybe you need Frankie
Yes, it’s a sale. You think like Frankie.
No sale, maybe you need Frankie
No sale, maybe you need Frankie
Frankie’s recommendations lead to sales.

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