Improve the results of your online store.

with AI powered personalization

Frankie offers a range of personalization options to best suit your store,
your preferences and your customers, where ever they are in their shopping journey.

Personalized Recommendations

Delight your customers with recommendations that feel as if it was you, who personally made them.

Today, customers expect useful personal recommendations. Think: Trending now, Best Sellers, Complete the look, You Might like and Personal Edit.

Get recommendations right, and your customers enjoy shopping what’s relevant to them. You enjoy shoppers spending more time on your site, increased basket size and increased total sales.

Personalization throughout your store

Shoppers need different recommendations depending upon where they are in their shopping journey.

Here's is a taste of what to expect with Frankie.

Home page

Personalization starts on the Home page.

Best Sellers, Trending Now & Frankie’s curated personalized ‘Collection’ for your regular shoppers, all work well.

Expect brand loyalty, engagement, revisit rates and sales all to be increase.

Product page

Recommendations that offer Better Alternatives such as ‘You might like’ and ‘We think you’ll love’ are highly effective on the Product page.

Expect higher conversion rates & increased time on site with the Better Alternative options Frankie provides.


Collection ‘Picks’ highlight items in each Collection that appeal to each shopper.

Your shoppers are quickly connected with the items they’re most likely to buy.

Expect lower shopper fatigue and higher conversion rates.

Cart and Checkout

As your shoppers near the end of their purchasing journey, Frankie has a number of personalization options.

Expect to see basket size and average order value increase with Frankie’s checkout item recommendations.

Recommendation options

Get a feel for some of the options Frankie offers, and how they work.

Your Edit

Your Edit, is a collection personalized for each individual shopper. Shoppers are presented with items individually chosen to most likely be of interest to them, from the Collection you nominate.

Present Your Edit on the Home page to create a truly personalized shopping experience.

Increase engagement, conversion and results with Your Edit.

Better Alternative

recommends other products that the shopper is more likely to buy, than what they are viewing.

utilizes a mixture of identifying products that are similar combined with the shopper's tastes.

The best outcome is when your shopper ends up buying both.

produces great results on the Product page.

Much more than trending now, or a bestsellers list, this recommendation takes into account each shopper's tastes and recommends items that are most popular with people of similar tastes. This is Popular Personalized.

This recommendation aligns with the shoppers view on what their peer group views as being popular, acting like like positive peer group feedback.

Like every Frankie recommendation, Most Popular can be given the name that best suits your store. Trending now is also effective. Most Popular works well on the Home and 404 pages.

You may like

'You May Like' is a personalised handpicked list of recommendations for each shopper, that maximises engagement and conversion. It's strength is in it's personalization.

“70% of consumers in the US now expect personalisation from online businesses” – McKinsey Global Fashion Survey

'You May Like' is often very effective on the Home page typically presented as the fifth or sixth piece of content.


Cross-sell or 'Also Bought' recommends complementary items at checkout, prompting the shopper with items they may not have considered, to ensure they have purchased all they need.

At checkout, the customers mindset has shifted to purchase. Cross-sell recommendations lead to an increase average order value.

Our studies reveal that for Fashion, visual data extracted from images has a higher influence on buying behaviour than traditional non-visual data sources.

Recently viewed

Recently viewed remains an effective tool in maintaining shopper engagement and higher conversion rates. Shoppers are presented selected items from their browsing experience, allowing them to seamlessly purchase when ready. Recently viewed can be effective in several locations.

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